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How does rapid injection molding help?

2017-09-26 16:10:27

Injection molding is the efficient manufacturing process to produce high-quality parts in large numbers. In injection molding, a material is heated until pliable and forced into a mold. This mold is then allowed to cool and harden for a specific purpose. This process is repeated over and over again to produce a large number of a given products. Rapid injection molding helps in the making prototype injection molded parts in a production thermoplastic resin. The parts are used in test marketing and are also used for full functional & fit testing.

What is the use of the injection molding process? It is used for creating prototype parts for design analysis. It acts as a bridge to production while the true production mold is being made. It is more of a research and development process.

Tool Design


It is the first step in all injection molding process and as the tool design begins, the design part is conceptualized. Compartmentalization is the easiest way to get around the problem of intricate parts. It breaks the big intricate parts into smaller ones and then assembles them at the end of the process. This technique prevents the wasting of time on a complex part.

Cost Analysis


Cost effective injection molding is the need of the hour. The increase in the cost of a process is the result of the reduction in lead time. For shortening lead time process proper analysis of the extra costs is done like material procurement, tool machining, and tool design, comparing against the budget. Although it cannot shorten all processes but there are things that will have the same lead time regardless of the efforts.


Here are some tips from a Design and Engineering Firm –

1. First, make sure that the right material is used in the molding process. Consider the functions you want to accomplish and which one is the most important material. Does a piece need to be pliable or rigid? Or it is exposed to extreme heat temperatures? If the good qualities of a material aren’t pertinent to the project, then the overall cost stands much more.

2. Identify the areas where the processes can be consolidated. These processes need to be time-consuming as they require extensive setup for that. With better production management, all the extra costs and time can be saved.

3. Be selective while choosing the injection molding process. The molding industry is full of small, mid-size, and large companies. Small companies offer more flexibility and the prices drive up with higher overhead, advanced technology, and higher salaries. Choose an experienced molding company to save time and get the right type of product.

4. Consider production in large quantities as in the research and development phase it is more important to produce hundreds or thousands of prototypes for benefitting from extensive testing.

5. Optimize the product design and materials which will help savings of a large amount of money. Adequate drafts allow the quick injection of the product from the mold which helps the saving of time and money.

Creative mechanisms help the best to turn the ideas into reality and it is the essential part of a cost effective injection molding. There are design and engineering firms which help the build-up of a strategic network of injection molding.

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