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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Uidea Rapid Prototype China's Sheet Metal Workshop Specializing In Custom Precision Sheet Metal Prototyping, Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Production And Custom Precision Sheet Metal Assembly.

Uidea's sheet metal fabrication workshop specializes in precision sheet metal prototyping, sheet metal fabrication production and assembly. Our sheet metal engineering team is one of the most experienced team for custom precision sheet metal prototyping and fabrication in China, combined with our state-of-art equipment enable us to respond to all of your custom sheet metal prototyping and fabrication demands with professionalism, fast speed and precision.

We produce sheet metal products from simple bending to precision complex mechanical assemblies. Uidea has created our services for prototyping and low volume production and mass production with high quality, competitive pricing and short lead time. We have been dedicated to being the most reliable source in China for custom sheet metal fabrication from all over the world.

Our expertise encompasses cutting-edge techniques such as laser cutting, CNC punching, and meticulous welding, tailored to meet the diverse needs of industries like automotive, electronics, and construction.

At the core of our success is a skilled workforce and advanced technological infrastructure, ensuring your projects are not just manufactured but crafted with unparalleled precision. Embracing international quality standards, our facilities deliver not only on efficiency but also on the promise of timely, high-quality production.

Partner with us for a seamless sheet metal fabrication experience that combines cost savings with superior capabilities. Elevate your projects with the reliability and excellence that define sheet metal fabrication in China.

Most of our machines we utilize in house for sheet metal prototyping and sheet metal production are imported the most advanced machines such as:

Prima Power PLATINO laser cutting machine from Italy, 2014 purchased
Bystronic CNC laser cutting machine (ByJin 3015), 2010 purchased;
FINNPOWER CNC punching machine E5 from Finland, 2010 purchased ;
Prima Power New E5X from Finland, 2013 purchased;
Prima Power New E5X from Finland, 2014 purchased;
Bystronic CNC press brake (EPC-160) from Switzerland, 2010 purchased;
SAFAN press brake (e-brake B ) from Netherlands, 2013 purchased;
Toyokoki press brake (APB-3613) from Japan, 2008 purchased;

hydraulic plate shear; etc.

Materials Utilized:

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanized, Aluminium, Beryllium Copper, Nickel Alloys, Brass, Copper

Industries Served:

Electronics, Medical Device, Telecommunications, Automotive or Transportation, Electrical Appliances, Computer, Industrial Equipment.

Custom Sheet Metal Fabricated Products:

Cages, Cabinets, Enclosures, Brackets, Covers, Manifolds, Vent Hoods, Medical Parts, Other Appliances Components, Boxes.

Finishes for Sheet Metal Parts:

Anodizing, Painting, Passivating, Powder Coating, Plating.

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