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What are the features of injection molding and rapid injection molding?

2017-09-19 14:34:51

Injection molding is one of the highly preferable manufacturing processes for developing high-quality products in abundance. It enables rather quick manufacturing of a large number of quality parts. In this process, plastic is heated and forced into a mold for specific purposes. It is then allowed to cool and hardened. The process is continued to produce a large number of products. This molding process is mainly used to create things like wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, automotive parts, and components. It is the common method of manufacturing plastic parts and is ideal for manufacturing the product in huge volumes.

Rapid Injection Molding is producing better molds better suited to run low volume production. The manufacturing process is based on the process of injecting material into a mold. It can be performed with a host of materials like metals, glasses, elastomers, and most common thermosetting polymers. Raw materials are fed through a hopper during the thermoplastic molding process. There are two different types of molds namely single and multiple molds. The thermal energy increases upon entrance to the barrel. It enables the flow of polymers and also reduces the viscosity and it is enabling the polymer to flow.

Cost Effective Molding tips from a Design and Engineering Firm

Ensure the correct use effective materials

First thing is to analyze what are the functions you want to get out of the particular piece and what are the materials that will enable the functioning of the material. Check whether the piece will be exposed to extreme temperature deviations or a piece needs to be pliable or rigid.

Identify the spots to consolidate the processes

Combine all the processes to get a single robust process which will reduce extra costs and time consumption. There are many secondary processes to produce a part and such processes should be used to cut down the extra costs.

Make the correct selection for choosing the injection molding company

Make sure that you select the correct type of company for doing injection molding. Companies are small, mid-size, and large in size. Choose the appropriate one according to the requirement. Smaller companies offer more flexibility with lower cost whereas larger companies ensure greater operational efficiency.

Consider the molding operations for bulk production

Mostly molding process involves bulk production and there are projects which produce hundreds & thousands of prototypes. Production in abundance reduces the cost and thus it is advisable to produce as many as possible products at one time.

Optimize the product designs and materials

A large sum of money can be saved in material consumption with the help of an optimized product design. It is important to incorporate adequate draft which allows the quick ejection of the product. It helps in saving time and money.

Injection molding is consisting of high pressure injection of raw materials into a mold which is shaping the polymers into the desired shape. Facilitate the molding process by carefully designing the parts to be injection molded.

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