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Top 5 Ways CNC Machining has Transformed the Engineering World!!

2021-05-14 16:42:13

Today, many businesses are looking to outsource their machining needs. Due to this reason, CNC machining service is becoming a popular choice because of its fast turnaround times and low costs. For many product developers, carrying out CNC machining in China is a crucial step since very few countries can match the value and efficiency of China.

In order to produce custom machined parts with high strength and tight tolerance, many manufacturers choose the CNC machining process. That’s because it is a quick and cost-efficient way to manufacture prototypes and production parts.

CNC machines enable manufacturers to automate several manufacturing processes that would otherwise be performed manually. This helps increase productivity and accuracy and reduces the risk of human error.

Let’s take a look at how CNC machining has transformed the world of engineering:

1.      They are Excellent for Creating Large Quantities of Parts

CNC machining enables manufacturers to create large quantities of prototypes and parts at a far cheaper rate than 3D printing. If you want large numbers of mechanical parts, CNC is probably the most cost-effective option available.

2.     These Machines Can Work with Several Materials

3D printing generally focuses on plastic. On the other hand, CNC machines can work with different materials, as long as the material is rigid enough not to melt or deform under the pressure of the cutting action.

Most manufacturers offer many different production-grade materials for CNC machining and ensure that the appropriate material is used for every part. Generally, the metals used include: stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, magnesium allow, titanium and brass.

3.     They are Known to Create Parts Rapidly

Machines work way too quickly and more accurately than humans. When you order your prototype or machined parts, you will more likely receive the finished products within a few days.

4.     These Machines are Highly Accurate

If you don’t have any idea of how precise these machines are, the standard CNC tolerance is +/- 0.127mm. When you choose the tolerance configurator of a professional CNC machining service provider, you can expect precision machining down to +/- 0.005mm.

5.     They Allow for a Variety of Finishing Options

A reputable CNC machining service provider will offer a high-quality finishing process for CNC machined parts, from polishing and plating to heat treatment, powder coating, and more.

If you need a prototype or production part made accurately, CNC machining is one of the best options available to you. CNC machining in China is an excellent choice for an industry looking to order low or medium volumes of precise mechanical parts for rapid prototyping or production.

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