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CNC Machining

CNC Machined Prototype, Precision CNC Milling Service & Precision CNC Turning Service From Uidea Rapid Prototype China

Uidea Rapid Prototype China is equipped with 20+ strong CNC machines with biggest machining stroke at 1800×650×600mm, offering CNC machining, CNC milling and CNC turning services to create prototype concept models for parts that require specific production material properties. Also, we offer precision CNC milling and CNC turning services for single pieces of prototype to low-volume manufacturing needs. CNC machining is a cost-effective, consistent and accurate method of producing prototypes from actual production-grade materials. This makes it possible to use many materials, including plastics and metals, and also undercuts and double bended surfaces are feasible.

Plastic material options: ABS, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PBT, Nylon, PEEK, PVC etc. Metal material options: Aluminium, Magnesium , Brass, Copper, Bronze, Mild Steel , Tool Steel, Tungsten and Titanium.

CNC Machining Plastic Part

CNC Machining Case Study

CNC Machining Aluminum Part

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