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How to accomplish prototyping through CNC Machining, 3D Print, or Hybrid Model?

2017-08-30 04:00:00

A prototype is used by a system analyst or a user to evaluate the new design, enhancing the precision. It provides the specification for a real-time working system than a theoretical version. The model prepared will assist in easy product design and it will also help in the development evolution of a product before its release. There are various types of prototyping and a prototype is created with CNC Machining or 3D printing or Hybrid Model.

Testing the Functionality of Prototypes: CNC, 3D Print, or Hybrid Model

Advantages of CNC Machining

It interprets the 3D CAD model and translates data to CNC machines. This method allows the building of parts in the featured material that is intended for the product use. It enables us to produce the finest, accurate parts, functional prototypes, and injection molds. It is a subtractive process in which parts are machined directly from the CAD files using various tools.

One of the best advantages is that it can be created with little human labor after the design phase. It will help the decrease of cost significantly and it determines whether the engineering concept has any flaws that might require re-design.

Here is the list of CNC Machining & Tuning applications -

•    13 Haas CNC Vertical Milling Centers

•    24 X 40 Milling Workspace

•    0-14.5 Diameter Turning Ability

•    0-20 Length of Turning Ability

•    Visual Models

•    Engineering Models

•    3 Morei Seiki Turning Centers

•    2,3 and 4 Axis Milling

•    Master Patterns

•    Injection Mold Making

Advantages of 3D Print

When 3D printing is done directly from CAD data, it will enable fast & frequent revisions based on real world testing. It helps in finding & fixing the problems in the design cycle to prevent scrap and retooling. It conveys ideas to clients and marketers for produce the product successfully. Fully functioning prototypes are required to meet the design and functional objectives. Within hours one can interpret a Computer Aided Design software file and it will help production of complex, scalable parts.

Hybrid Prototype

Hybrid models are an alternative path for testing the functionality of a prototype. The hybrid prototyping helps the hardware and software engineers to get the both worlds. With help of directly connected real-world hardware interfaces, high -performance execution of system-model levels is achieved. It also improves debug observability and incorporates control over software through the virtualizer-based environment control. Maximize the overall prototype performance with partition SoC design blocks between the prototype environments.

The hybrid model allows the flexibility to test the forms until it is perfected. It also accelerates system bring-up using virtual prototyping for new design blocks. Are you prototype functionalities in China? CNC Machining China is done by prototyping companies which will best suit the product requirements. Get the best prototyping options by contacting the prototype design company. There are companies in China who are providing a broad range of subtractive or additive prototyping technologies.

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