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How to Choose the Right Plastic Resin for an Injection Molding Project in China!!

2021-09-18 00:12:08

Plastic injection molding in China is the most common manufacturing process that is widely hired by a large number of businesses around the world, including the UK. The process is used to manufacture a wide range of products, components, and parts from melted plastic resins.

Each kind of plastic resin has distinct properties that make it suitable for particular applications. Thus, it is critical to choose the right plastic resin for your needs.

In terms of injection molding, the term “resin” typically means the melted thermoplastic or thermoset materials.

Thermoset plastic is set during processing. Meaning, once the plastic is heated, it results in a chemical reaction that sets the part into a permanent shape. The chemical reaction is irreversible and hence, the parts cannot be re-melted or reshaped.

On contrary, when thermoplastics are heated and cooled in a mold to form a part, the molecular makeup doesn’t change. Therefore, they can be re-melted easily and are easier to reuse and recycle.

How to Choose Plastic Resins for Your Injection Molding Project

Selecting the right plastic resin requires a thorough understanding of the final product you need to create and what environmental conditions it will be used in. The following questions can help you choose the best plastic resin material for your project and application.

What is the intended use of the final part?

It is essential to outline physical requirements of a plastic part. So, consider asking the following questions when choosing plastic resin:

·       What should be the strength of the final part?

·       How flexible or rigid does the final part need to be?

·       What levels of pressure and weight is the final part expected to endure?

·       Will the final part be exposed to chemicals or other elements?

·       Will the final part be exposed to extreme temperatures and harsh environmental conditions?

·       What is the life expectancy of the final part?              

Does the final part need to be aesthetically appealing?

When selecting resin, you need to consider whether it can meet the final part’s required appearance and function.

·       Do we want particular transparency or color in the final product?

·       Do we seek a particular texture or finish in the final product?

·       Is there an existing color that the final product needs to match?

·       Do we need embossing on the final product?      

Does the final part need to comply with certain standards?

Regulatory requirements of the final plastic component are crucial to ensure that you can easily market and sell the part in the market or use it in your project with violating my laws. It becomes necessary especially when you are creating parts and products for the food industry, medical industry, and automotive industry.

·       What regulatory requirements does the final part need to fulfill, including FDA, RoHS, NSF, or REACH?

·       Does the final product need to be safe for use by children?

·       Does the final product need to be safe for use in food applications?

·       Does the final product need to be safe for use in medical applications?

These questions will help you figure out what kind of plastic resins you need to use for your injection molding project. So, take your time and figure out the right type so that the final part is suitable for the intended application.

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