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Everything You Wished To Know About the Vacuum Casting Process!!

2019-09-10 14:01:03

The rapid prototyping industry has undergone a complete transformation and newer technologies are evolving with every passing day. One of such concepts is the vacuum casting process. If you are not aware of what exactly vacuum casting is, then you must keep reading.

Vacuum Casting Process Explained…

Vacuum casting is an innovative process in which the prototypes of industrial parts are developed. A master model of superior quality is needed to generate more prototypes of similar quality. This master model is made using stereolithography. It must be remembered that the master model must be of exceptional quality so that the prototypes that are made using it are also of high quality.

The mold is kept in a nutshell that is made using silicon rubber, which is treated at a high temperature. Once this treatment is over, the master mold is generated and it is hollow in the middle. Next, a liquid material is filled in the mold which then assumes the same shape as the master mold via the vacuum chamber. Most likely, a polyurethane resin such as polyethene or polycarbonate is used as the filling material.

The metallic powder is mixed with the resin that has been filled to achieve the properties that are desired. Within the chamber, the mold is to be covered so that there are no air bubbles and then the mold is kept in the oven. The mold is then carefully taken out and used to create more parts. After this, the prototype will be painted as needed and the finished product can be offered to the customers.

Here are the significant benefits of vacuum casting services…

  • Superior Quality. The best thing about this process is that you get to choose the right material considering its hardness to design the part. This becomes possible because of polyurethane resins. There is the much-needed flexibility yet hardness in the material. You can paint the finished product as per your requirement or you may choose to leave it simple.

  • Accuracy. The mold is used to produce the prototypes which appear exactly like the original model. The good thing is that even highly complicated parts with typical dimensions can be quickly and easily produced using vacuum casting service. The final product is high in precision and quality.

  • Cost and Timeliness. The vacuum casting process is highly cost-effective as you can easily produce a large number of prototypes by making very little investment. Thus, it saves your expenses and also time.

Therefore, vacuum casting service is your ideal solution if you wish to test the market by offering the prototype of your final products. Make sure you find a reliable and reputed provider of vacuum casting services so that there are no issues of low quality.    

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