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What is sheet metal? What are its types and applications?

2022-03-13 18:51:36

A lot of people have heard about sheet metal fabrication; however, only a few people know what sheet metal exactly is. If your project needs fabrication of some parts that need to be made from sheet metal, getting familiar with the sheet metal, its properties, and other things can help you make the best choice for your project. So, without any delay, let’s find out what sheet metal means, what properties it has, and what options you have in sheet metals, and more.

What is sheet metal?

Sheet metal is a metallic material that is formed by an industrial process into thin, flat sheets. It is a very basic form that is commonly used in metalworking and can be cut and bent into different desired shapes.

You may have not realized it but you have seen countless items in daily life that are made from sheet metals. Some of the examples include metal cabinets, enclosures, brackets, vent hoods, manifolds, roofing structures, etc.

While extremely thin films are usually called foil or leaf, thicker sheets (with a thickness of more than 6mm) are called plate steel or structural steel.

What are the desired properties of sheet metals?

Though the properties of sheet metal vary depending on the metal used for making it, there are common properties that you can find in most sheet metals. Some of these are:

·       Tensile strength

·       Bending strength

·       Hardness

·       Compressive strength

·       Elastic limit

·       Sheet strength

·       Yield strength

·       Elongation ratio

What are the types of sheet metals?

Sheet metals can be made from any metal that is highly malleable in nature. Thus, when choosing a specific type of sheet metal, you have a wide range of options, such as:

·       Stainless steel - suitable for cookware, medical instruments, and products that can withstand air and water exposure

·       Carbon steel - suitable for appliances and automobile parts

·       Galvanized steel - an ideal choice for making benches, balustrades, staircases, ladders, etc.

·       Aluminum - used for making parts of air conditioning, refrigeration, and aerospace applications

·       Copper - can be used for pots and pans, fixtures, electronic equipment, and products in which patina finish is highly desirable

·       Brass - widely used for making items such as nuts, bolts, and decorative products

·       Nickel alloys - mainly preferred for jet engines and turbine blades


Depending on your budget and what properties are suitable for your project, you can choose the type of sheet metal.

Since sheet metal is highly versatile and can be used for making a huge variety of parts, it finds its usage in commercial, industrial, and even residential applications. Sheet metal is commonly used for designing parts for roadway construction, appliances, signs, roofing products, medical devices, transportation automobiles, electrical products, computer, and industrial equipment.

When you need to fabricate parts from sheet metals, we highly recommend you to look forward to contacting reputable companies for sheet metal fabrication in China to get high-quality parts within your budget.

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