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What is SLA 3D Printing? What are its Applications and Benefits?

2020-09-05 03:23:38

SLA 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular in a number of industries for producing products, parts, and prototypes with high-accuracy and smooth surface finish. First invented in the 1980’s, it is now one of the most accurate forms of 3D printing process that solidifies or print a liquid polymer resin in a physical 3D object layer by layer using an ultraviolet (UV) laser beam. With the accuracy and advancement of 3D printing technology, more and more industries are approaching to it for creating models, prototypes, patterns, and production parts.

SLA or Stereolithography is a form of 3D printing technology that is used for advanced manufacturing based on 3D CAD, computer-controlled layers scanning, rapid layer separating, and accumulating principles. A standard SLA 3D printer composes the four primary sections:

·       A tank filled with the liquid photopolymer resin

·       A perforated platform immersed in a tank

·       A high-powered, ultraviolet laser

·       A computer interface to manage the printing process

The SLA 3D printing workflow Includes:

  Designing process using 3D CAD software to design your model and then export it in a 3D printable file format.

·       Printing process where build platform lowers into the tank filled with liquid photopolymer resin to print a 3D model of the object as per the design. The polymer resin hardens into a solid layer by layer via repeated process until the object completes.

·       Post-processing the printed SLA parts using various pos- processing methods including post-curing, sanding, spray coating, and polishing for the clean finish.

There are many reasons to choose SLA 3D printing for manufacturing or producing prototypes or products. Its fine features, high-accuracy, precision, smooth surface finish, material versatility, and water tightness makes it popular among manufacturers, engineers, and designers.

Benefits of SLA 3D Printing:

  SLA is one of the most precise and accurate 3D printing technology available in the market.

·       Able to create intricate and highly detailed designs; also suitable for complex geometrical shapes.

·       Layers are chemically bonded with each other that offer high mechanical strength; also provides the tightest dimensional tolerances.

·       Fine features and high smooth surface finish;

·       Material versatility; SLA material comes in different forms of liquid polymer resin including standard resin, clear resin, castable resin, high-temperature resistant resin, dental resin, and many more for different industrial manufacturing;

·       Easy & cost-effective than other 3D printing technologies;

Applications of SLA 3D Printing:

SLA 3D printing technology is used in businesses across a wide range of industries including engineering, product design, dental, manufacturing, jewellery, healthcare, audiology, and more. Some of the most common daily life products that can be produced using SLA 3D printing methods include toys, house appliances, automotive parts, medical devices, and many more.

If you are into any of the above industries and want to produce or manufacture your products using advanced SLA 3D printing technology, you can contact professional 3D printing services as per your requirements.

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