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Tips To Choose the Right Plastic for Extrusion Prototyping!!

2020-08-28 03:17:12

If you are running a manufacturing unit and have the responsibility to deliver something new to your customers, you might be very well aware of the effort and brainstorming it requires. Designing a new product or part is a complicated process, especially today when customers are so choosy and updated through the internet. They want everything in the right place.

Several problems come in the way when you try your hands on developing new things. You do not get the accurate design and measurements for the products which lead to lots of waste products. Also, the manufacturing takes time because you have to follow a hit and trial method. For the production of every new batch, you have to adjust the machinery and other related components to deliver accuracy.

To reduce so many complications during the manufacturing process, we recommend opting for extrusion prototyping. The experts will help you develop an early sample or model before actual production starts. With the help of the same, you will get to know the correct form of the design and discover any design errors.

Extrusion prototyping is typically performed using two major materials that are plastic and aluminium. People often opt for aluminium due to its lower cost, but the result of plastic is far better than aluminium. The features of plastic make the process (prototype) easy for the business owners.

Plastics are of different types, so we have listed the tips to select the right plastic type for extrusion prototyping.

Strength and Durability of the Plastic:

You need to understand the manufacturing process before prototyping. The plastic you select should be able to hold the load and speed at which the pressure is applied. You should if the product will be stretched or subject to sudden impact.

Environmental Properties:

Other than the process, you should analyse the environment of the manufacturing unit. You should know where the product will be operated and how it will survive. For example, you should find if the product will subject to a high level of UV rays or insulation standards. The one that is feasible for the manufacturing environment should be your choice.

Appearance of the Plastic:

It is advised to select the product that is compatible with your final product. If the appearance of the prototype and final product is the same, you will get clarity about colour, finish, and other specifications. Also, it will be easy to spot the errors and rectify them at the right time. It is a cost-saving as well time-saving tip.

If the selection of the product for extrusion prototyping is right, we assure the process will go smooth and the final production process will yield the best result.

Looking for an extrusion prototyping service? Contact us now.

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