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What is CNC Machining and It’s Benefits?

2020-06-26 15:46:56

Today, the practice of machining has been transformed into a precision art, thanks to the new generation of computer programmers and design engineers. The manufacturing industry relies heavily on CNC machines, replacing certain operations that once required engineer-operated tools like vertical millers, routers and shaping machines.

What is CNC machining?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining is a manufacturing process in which computer inputs are used to control tools which create different types of products. CNC machines need specialized software to operate appropriately. But, before the machining process starts, a custom computer program is used to design the object that needs to be machined. It is used across several industries for a variety of prototype and end-use parts.

CNC machining in China is a widely used manufacturing process because of its versatility, accuracy, consistency and compatibility with a wide range of materials.

Is CNC machining good for prototyping?

CNC machining is an essential process for creating prototype parts. But some people consider 3D printing to be the dominant form of rapid prototyping.

Prototypes can have many different functions. They usually act as props — loose representations of a final product, used to convey visual information about how the final part will look. These look-alike prototypes may be used to guide the R&D process or offer proof of concept. Such prototypes can be essential, but they do not necessarily require to be made using high-end professional equipment; they can be printed with a low-end desktop 3D printer.

However, some prototypes are used for more than just visual representation. Depending on the stage of product development, manufacturers may need to create prototypes that not only look like the final product but function like it too. CNC machining is preferable for functional prototypes that require strength, mechanical stability or other characteristics not afforded by additive processes.

CNC machining in China can be an excellent choice for prototyping, but its suitability depends on the nature of the prototype.

Benefits of CNC machining

There are several reasons why a manufacturer may use CNC machining, including speed of production, part quality, material options and similarity to the final part.

Quality and Consistency

CNC machines can be reprogrammed in a short period to produce a completely new part, making them ideal for both short and long production runs.


CNC machines more than make up for their initial costs with a high rate of output and less number of mistakes in resulting components. Operators can learn how to use the CNC machine in a virtual environment, eliminating the need for training workpieces.


Using CNC machines are much safer than manually operated machines as any hazardous safety issues are only detrimental to the machines and not a safety issue for the operator.

There are many benefits of using CNC machines. If your business doesn't use CNC machines, you can hire the services of a manufacturer who creates prototype concept model for parts that require specific production material properties.

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