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What Is Prototyping And What Are Its Benefits (If Any)?

2019-04-23 14:00:23

Extrusion is a method of prototyping used in the production. It is relatively less expensive method of manufacturing plastic moulds. Extrusion prototyping is widely used even when some post machining is required to add fixing points, threads or access panels. Like injection molding method, this tool involves tooling but it is quite different. This is used to manufacture moulds quickly and at relatively low cost.

Extrusion method of prototyping can be used for both plastic and aluminium to produce components like pipes, windows, frames, and conduits. When it comes to plastics, the most commonly used material is PVC. But unlike wire, there is no option of erode. But for simple shape, CNC machining can be used.

But the best thing about the extrusion prototyping is that a mix of rubber and silicon can be extruded with precision provided the part to be extruded is not too large. This process can also be used for other materials such as PC、PS、PP、ABS, PVC, and PMMA and so on, depending on the capability of extrusion prototyping services you hire.

Benefits of extrusion

From the simplest toys to the most advanced medical products, plastic extrusion is viable for companies of all sizes. Here are some of the advantages of using this prototyping method.

1.     High speed, high volume at low production cost

2.     Co-extrusion

3.     Inherent versatility

4.     Highest Precision

5.     Both materials can be extruded

The extrusion for prototyping is fast widely used, and extrusion prototyping services in China have seen the interest from business from across many countries. The demand of extrusion prototyping services in China has increased over time. As a result, there are many prototyping companies providing extrusion prototyping for businesses.

No matter what you product idea, Uidea Rapid Prototype, a leading name with expertise and experience in a wide range of prototype will help you. Equipped with world-class infrastructure and with a pool of highly skilled professionals, the company can cater to even complex shapes. It extrudes a wide variety of plastic profiles, tubing, rod, or co-extruded parts and many more.

Uidea Rapid Prototype also provides aluminum extrusion prototyping services to a wide range of clients in various parts of the world. Aluminum can be recycled for many a time and all that without any degradation in properties, and aluminum extrusions are often produced with high recycled content.

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