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What Extrusion is all about and what are Its Types?

2019-12-27 15:26:42

Extrusion Prototyping is now becoming a popular option. There are various companies that deal with the manufacturing and production of solid or complex extrusions. The construction of physical part or 3D models is done by melting materials such as plastic and metals like aluminum, stainless steel or titanium.

There are number of prototyping methods but extrusion prototyping is one of the ideal choices of manufacturers for transforming plastic or metals into pipes, rods, tubes, window frames, conduits, etc. It has replaced the traditional methods of prototyping with extrusion prototyping that requires no tooling at all. The method is used in the manufacturing and production where the material is melted and shaped to get a specific object of different shapes, colors, patterns, and sizes.

Various applications of extrusion prototyping services

There are various applications that require the support of extrusion prototyping services for the manufacturing and production process.

·       Aerospace

·       Electronics

·       Construction Industry

·       Medical devices

·       Automation

·       Automotive

·       Sports and recreational equipment

·       Trains

·       Display Industry

·       Ships

·       Telecommunication projects

·       Consumer and commercial products

·       Heat sink

·       Sealing

·       Firearms/weapons

·       Slotting

·       Drilling holes

·       Special packaging

What are the different processes of Extrusion Prototyping?

Extrusion prototyping services
are categorized into four different processes that are mentioned below-

  Hot Extrusion – Hot extrusion involves a heating process where a metal is heated at high temperatures and converted into a molten state. The temperature depends on the type of metal selected for heating; it may range from 650 degrees Fahrenheit to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufactures must be accurate about the choice of metal used for reshaping into another object. There are some common metals such as magnesium, copper, steel, aluminum, and nickel used in the manufacturing and production process.

  Cold Extrusion – This method is performed at room temperature and reflects higher strength than hot extrusion. Here the metal is transformed into 3D objects through the die. The process is used to reshape objects from metals like lead, tin, copper, aluminum, alloys, titanium, vanadium steel, etc. Various applications such as Engine control, safety systems, seat technology, injection technology, fuel supply, etc take the support of extrusion prototyping services.

    Friction Extrusion – In this extrusion process, the force is applied to adjust the position of die. After that heat is applied on metal so that metal can easily pass through die. The method is applied in various applications such as milling machines, stir welding, steel piping, etc.

  Micro Extrusion – It is a micro forming process of manufacturing small or micro-objects. Like the frictional extrusion, here the metal is pushed through a die and taken for reshaping. It is one of the best extrusion processes as it allows high production rates.

If you are looking for such manufacturing technology that can easily convert metals into tangible products then hire the extrusion prototyping services.

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