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Sheet Metal Fabrication

2016-07-01 18:34:01

Sheet metal is metal formed into thin and flat sheets through cutting, rolling, bending, welding, painting and assembly. There are many different metals that can be made into sheet metal, such as cold rolled steelCold rolled steel: Steel that is flattened and shaped by high-pressure rollers in a steel mill., mild steelMild steel: A low-strength steel containing low levels of carbon that can be easily shaped into a variety of objects., tin, nickel, titanium, aluminum, brass, and copper.A lot of everyday objects are constructed with sheet metals.

Custom sheet metal fabrication is using sheet metal to build metal machines and shapes generally involves cutting, bending and assembly the sheet metal.

In cutting process a sheet metal is separated by applying a great enough force to caused the material to fail. Cutting is done by sawing, shearing. The most common sheet metal cutting processes use shearing forces to separate the material. Laser beam cutting uses a high powered laser to cut through sheet metal. This process is carried out on laser cutting machines.

In bending process, a force is applied to a sheet metal part to cause it to bend at certain angle and form the requested shape Bending is typically performed by press brakes or similar tools, which can be manually or automatically operated. . Modern metal fabricators utilize press brakes to either coin or air-bend metal sheet into form.

Assembling process includes welding, binding. There are many other processes such as roll forming (or rollforming), spinning, deep drawing, stretch forming and etc.

If you have any needs for sheet metal prototyping or want to fabricate any sheet metal parts, please contact us right now or email our sales team at sales@uidearp.com.

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