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Rapid Prototyping – The Best Way for Product Design & Development!

2018-03-01 20:16:09

Rapid prototyping is the product modeling technique that is improving the new product development and the speed up. Create physical scale models of products for analysis and product tooling through computer-aided design tools and rapid prototyping techniques such as three-dimensional printing or stereolithography. The prototyping is carried out by manufacturers, component suppliers, and product designers. There are numerous benefits of the rapid prototyping process.

The 3D adoption of rapid prototyping has grabbed the world by storm and the demand is gradually in the upscale. The printing process is easy to use and the exponential growth of CAD is clear and viable. CAD programs have never been cheaper in relative terms. 3D models have never been made so fast and cost-effectively. The 3D printing materials are used to produce prototypes ranging from resins, polymers, and plasters. The best use of 3D printing material for the projects is determined by the key use of 3D printing. China Rapid Prototyping is one of the best ways for the prototyping of different products.


New Opportunity for Innovation

Rapid prototyping is opening up new opportunities for innovation by eliminating the restrictions of conventional prototyping. It requires the production of prototype tooling and physical components to extract tolerances. Designers are able to create models that incorporate complex shapes and surfaces that would be difficult to reproduce by conventional prototyping.

Time Saver

It is eliminating the time needed to produce molds, patterns and special tools required for conventional modeling. It is reducing the time between initial design and analysis. An accurate model is quickly available for testing form, features, performance, and usability. It will organizations gain a competitive advantage by bringing new products to market quickly, ahead of competitors.

Cost Reduction

Rapid prototyping helps the reduction of cost of product development. There is no need for the development of special tools each new product. This prototyping process uses CAD and printing equipment each time. The automated prototyping process helps the reduction of staff cost.

Easier Visualization

The ability to create a realistic 3D scale model will help designers present new product concept to stakeholders, such as board members, client or investors who need to approve the development program.

Lower Risk

Rapid prototyping can reduce the risk of costly errors by enabling the detailed physical analysis at an early stage in the development program. The development team is able to identify the design faults quicker to make the modification quickly.

Customization Support

This iterative process is easy to incorporate the customer requirements and create customized products. Customization will provide a strong advantage by offering greater choice and flexibility.

Rapid Prototyping China provides the best steps for rapid prototyping. Adopting rapid prototyping brings higher fidelity from the conceptualized design compared to the conventional paper prototyping. With additive manufacturing, the cost and time required to develop molds, patterns and special tools can be eliminated.

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