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Extrusion Prototyping Method and Other Supportive Processes

2019-02-26 15:41:50

Extrusion is just another type of manufacturing method which generally helps to manufacture long lengths of any single cross-section item in less time with a big amount of items. It can actually be a highly economical manufacturing method, though the products sometimes require post machining in order to add threads, fixtures, or access panels.

While it includes a bit of necessary tooling, it is very much different than the injection mould tooling where it is easy to manufacture small quantity orders in a short time at the best relative price. On the other hand, extrusion prototyping services can complete lengthy and huge quantity orders at less cost while taking similar or less time.

Now, if I talk more about plastics, the most commonly extruded material is PVC. Silicones and rubbers are also preferred for extrusion prototyping as they as they can easily be extruded if the required size of the part is not too large.

Prototyping Short Batches:

Prototyping small batches could become a bit difficult as extruders are never preferred to set up for small quantity orders, especially with uncommon materials. To find a way around, the set up is frequently organized or the work is costed as per the duration of use.

In both of these cases, the manufacturing process for short orders can become expensive. Apart from that, extruding in various materials other than the plastics can considerably take more time to set up and will also reflect a hike in costs.

Generally it takes 3-5 weeks to complete an order; however, it also depends on the complexity of times.

Some of the secondary applications which are often followed by the extrusion prototyping to match the requirements precisely are mentioned below.

·       Sawing

·       Sealing

·       Slotting

·       Tape Application

·       Taping     Heat

·       Solvent Bonding

·       Cutting

·       Embossing

·       Hot Stamping

·       Punching

·       Multiple Punching

·       Gluing

·       Notches

·       Special Packaging

·       Drilling Holes

·       Coiling

·       Routing

·       Labeling

·       Mitering

·       CNC Routing

Materials commonly used in extrusion prototyping process are named below -

·       Rigid PVC

·       Styrolux

·       Polystyrene (HIPS)

·       Polypropylene

·       Polyethylene

·       Polycarbonate

·       FPVC

·       ABS

·       Provista

Some manufacturers will also offer you to choose your material as per your preference or requirement.

Alternative Options:

When it comes to prototype extrusions, there are some other manufacturing processes too that can help in cases where the exact material grade is not a priority. In order to figure out which processes are more suitable, the length of the required part is as important as the profile.

CNC machining is another option, especially when it comes to aluminum extrusion. CNC is extremely sensitive to wall section and geometry and will not be applied in all cases. With this, a manufacturer can wire erode aluminum to provide prototype extrusion with a length of up to 400mm.

At last, I would suggest you that if you want your prototypes in less time at the best possible cost then it would be better for you to discuss your requirements with one of the best, reliable, and trusted extrusion prototyping services in China so that to be in profit.

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