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Why Is Precision CNC Machining Superior to SS Casting?

2022-03-01 15:36:54

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials in the industrial as well as the commercial manufacturing industry. Its excellent properties like remarkable strength, high ductility, high-temperature sustainability, lustrous finish, and corrosion resistance make it the perfect material for manufacturing a wide range of products for diverse applications.

In earlier times, stainless steel products were manufactured using the casting method due to the stunning mold ability property of SS. However, with precision CNC machining becoming a more prevalent procedure in today’s time, the casting method has been replaced. This fact raises clouds of doubts in many people and leaves them wondering what makes precision CNC machining a good replacement for SS casting.

What Makes Precision CNC Machining a Much Better Choice than SS Casting?

Here are the top factors which prove that Precision CNC Machining is a truly better replacement for SS Casting:

1.    No Cost Associated with Mold:

With precision CNC machining, you don’t need a mold during prototyping and production. CNC machining is done by using different types of cutting tools that are controlled and operated by using numeric computer codes. This means there is no cost related to mold designing or procurement and thus, you will be saving money.

2.    Complex Shapes and Designs are Possible:

The best thing about precision CNC machining is that you can achieve the most accurate complex designs that would have been quite difficult or even impractical with casting. Casting is not suitable for all those products whose applications higher demand dimensional accuracy and design complexity. It may lead to lots of dimensional errors and a rough surface. However, CNC machining makes it easier with consistent feed, appropriate tooling, and low-tolerance dimensional coding.

3.    Faster Turnaround Cycles:

In most cases, stainless steel CNC machining is a much quicker process to carry out than stainless steel casting. Mold setting takes time as it requires time for metal melting as well as cooling. Therefore, the final ejection of products from the mold takes a significant amount of time. On the other hand, in precision CNC machining, the duration is much less for the generation of computer code, setting the work piece, and post-production ejection of SS products.

4.    High Degree of Dimensional Accuracy and Stability:

As the name suggests, precision CNC machining is widely used for achieving higher dimensional accuracy and stability. Since CNC operations are managed by the computer, it virtually removes human errors. Therefore, SS CNC machining can be used for all those products and applications that require low tolerance for dimensional errors and instability.

On the contrary, stainless steel casting requires extreme heating and cooling that can alter the dimensional accuracy and eventually the stability of the final product. As no extreme heating and cooling are not involved in CNC machining, you can easily rule out the temperature fluctuations in the final product.

Therefore, at present, precision CNC machining is highly preferred over stainless steel casting. Though there is no doubt that CNC machining is superior to SS casting, you must hire only reputable service providers for precision CNC machining in China because the perfection of CNC machining greatly influences the performance and quality of the final product.

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