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Why Aluminum is a Preferred Material Choice for CNC Machining Project!!

2020-09-18 16:04:17

Today, for CNC machining projects, aluminum has become one of the most popular material choices due to its desirable physical properties. It is robust, which makes it ideal for mechanical parts, and its oxidized outer layer is resistant to corrosion from the elements. These advantages have made aluminum parts common across all industries.

Aluminum offers specific benefits that simplify and enhance the process of CNC machining services. Aluminum provides exceptional machinability: several grades can be penetrated by cutting tools, chipping while being comparatively straightforward to shape. Due to this reason, aluminum can be machined faster than steel or iron.

Here are some of the reasons why aluminum CNC machining is one of the most requested prototyping and productions processes.

1. Machinability:

Aluminum is very easy to machine, and that is one of the significant reasons why manufacturers opt for aluminum for their machined parts. It may seem to be more beneficial to machinist manufacturing the parts; however, it also has several benefits for the business ordering the material, as well as the end-user who will use it.

Aluminum can be cut rapidly and accurately with CNC machine tools because it is easy to shape and chips easily. This has some significant consequences:

·       The short timeframe of the machining job makes the process cost-effective, as it requires less labor.

·       It allows the machine to meet tighter tolerances and leads to higher accuracy and repeatability.

2. Corrosion Resistance:

Different aluminum grades vary considerably in their resistance to corrosion. Luckily, some of the most well-known standards for CNC machining services are the most resistant. The aluminum alloys may be less resistant to corrosion due to the presence of alloyed copper.

Strength-to-weight ratio:

Aluminum has desirable physical properties that make it ideal for aspect and mechanical parts. The aluminum’s high strength and its lightweight make the material favorable for critical parts.

However, different grades of aluminum serve various purposes.

4. Anodization Potential:

Because of strength, weight demands, and also aesthetic considerations, machined aluminum parts have become popular in the consumer electronics industry. Aluminum can be treated with Anodization, as it is responsive to paints and tints,

The Anodization process usually takes place after CNC machining is over. Also anodizing helps to add color to a machined aluminum parts, as the anodized outer layers in highly porous.


If your business is seeking to minimize the environmental impact or if you want to reduce material wastage and recoup some of your expenditure, you should know that aluminum is highly recyclable. Recyclable materials are especially essential in CNC machining, where there is a relatively large amount of waste material in the form of chips from the cutting tool.

The Bottom Line:

It is quite clear that every metal has some weaknesses, and aluminum has a few of them, but still, businesses choose aluminum for CNC machining because of the benefits it offers.

Today, the demand for machined aluminum products and parts is on the rise. Industries are working with a specialist to meet the requirement of their clients. Remember, do your research and seek samples to be sure on the quality of the aluminum CNC machining service.   

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