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What are the Applications of Sheet Metal?

2022-06-09 03:29:04

From microwaves to tractors to cars to forks, sheet metal is used everywhere. Sheet metal is metal that has been formed into thin and pliable sheets however unlike foil, it maintains structural integrity and strength.

What is sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is the process of forming metal sheets into the desired shape using several manufacturing methods. The completion of the products usually comprises many steps such as cutting, blending to surface treatment, and assembling.

What are the applications of sheet metal?

When we look around, we can see the application of sheet metal all around. Most home and construction appliances incorporate sheet metal parts. Apart from that, different sheet metal groups have some special uses so read the till the end to learn about them.

Cold-rolled steel sheets

As the name suggests cold rolled sheets are rolled at room temperature. They are limited to 3 mm thickness but they come with a nicer surface. Cold-rolled steel sheets are also cheap. They work well in applications that require a nice and smooth finish such as home appliances, furniture, lockers, and cabinets. Cold rolled steel is also used in larger surfaces such as steel structures and garages.

Hot rolled steel sheets

Hot rolled steel is formed under a heated state. When comparing hot rolled and cold rolled, hot rolling facilitates easier forming which ultimately reduces the cost. Due to the ease of forming, thicker sheets at plates are only available as hot rolled. It doesn’t have such accurate dimensions and after the rolling, the metal cools down and shrinks. This results in the concentration of stresses that wraps the material and results in changes in measurements.

Stainless steel sheets

Stainless steel sheets are perfect for corrosive environments, where strength is also important. These are mostly used for all kinds of surgical instruments, cutlery, kitchen accessories, sinks, etc. There are also some great industrial uses such as storage tanks, valves, piping, etc.

Aluminum sheets

These may not be common for every engineer because of their higher price. Still, it is heavily used throughout the industry because of its one-of-a-kind qualities. It is corrosion-resistant (still, aluminum corrosion occurs), strong and lightweight. This is ideal for many industries especially transportation where each extra kg results in a long-term loss. Consumer goods such as phones, laptops, etc have a durable and light casing of aluminum.

Why sheet metal

Clients can express the need for certain functionality and sheet metal can meet them. Sheet metal design options are extremely flexible. Contemporary production methods such as 3D printing, provide quick lead times that are well aligned with the needs of prototyping however these methods are restricted to prototyping only. Sheet metal fabrication processes are perfect for the gradual transition from prototyping to large-scale production.

By providing needed infrastructure, the prototype sets the baseline and expectations for large quantities. You can choose from a wide range of surface finishes such as powder, painting, galvanizing, plating, etc. It provides many different looks but also ensures protection in different circumstances.

We hope that the above blog has given you enough information about the applications of sheet metal. If you are inquisitive to learn more about china sheet metal fabrication, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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