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Injection Molding: Types and Uses

2022-06-04 13:55:51

To manufacture parts in large volumes injection molding is the best way to adopt, owing to the ease of the process. The injection molding process includes injecting molds with molten materials for the mass production of identical items. The molten material used is of various types, including metal, glass, elastomers, confections, thermoplastic, and thermosetting polymers.

The injection molding technique poses a quick and efficient way to manufacture various parts at a large scale and customize them as per your need. Some of the best manufacturers in China adopt the injection molding process, which you can refer to for your next manufacturing project.

The technique requires keen attention to the details of the mold shape and features needed for a part, the material used, and the properties of the molding machine. It requires professional training to use the machine, owing to the dangers associated with the manufacturing process. The machine itself costs a lot used for injection molding manufacturing techniques. But in the long run, it provides consistent returns on the manufacturing costs of parts.

What are the various types of injection molding?

The types of injection molding depend on various factors that should be considered, in the manufacturing process. It depends on production quantity, which means the number of parts you need and the design factor. The various types of injection molding processes include Cube molding, Die casting, Gas-assisted Injection molding, Liquid silicon rubber injection molding, metal injection molding, Thin-wall injection molding, etc. The manufacturing process of injection molding depends on the requirements of the manufacturing project.

What are the uses of injection molding?

The injection molding manufacturing technique is used for various applications in numerous industries. The manufacturing technique is adopted to create parts like wire spools, packaging, bottle caps, toys, combs, chairs, storage containers, and various mechanical and automotive parts. All the plastic or metal parts you see out there, specifically the small ones, are mostly manufactured using the injection molding technique.

The production of smaller parts is easier with injection molding, which allows mass production of such parts. Apart from the cost of the design and the mold, the injection molding manufacturing process is very cost-efficient. The cost of production is inversely proportionate to the number of parts produced and vice versa.


The injection molding technique used for parts manufacturing produces minimum waste compared to other manufacturing techniques. The possible causes of waste are the overflow of injecting material, the sprue, or the runners. Other than that, injection molding is one of the best manufacturing processes adopted by manufacturers at large which enables seamless production of small parts.

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