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What Is CNC Machine And What Is The Use Of Machine Fabrication?

2017-11-28 20:43:23

CNC Machining is the process that involves the use of computers to control the machine tools. It is best used by the manufacturing sector with use of pre-programmed computer software dictating the involvement of machinery. With this process, companies can control a range of complex machinery, from grinders and lathes to mills and routers. What exactly is CNC? It is the standard for Computer Numerical Control. The unique software and control set the system apart for use in CNC machining. In a single set of prompts, three-dimensional cutting tasks can be accomplished. The CNC system resembles like a regular set of computer components and the consoles employed in CNC machining distinguish it from other forms of computation.

It is the manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools. The desired cuts are programmed into the software and the programmed mechanism is flawless within the numerical system. The tools in the numerical control system are outlined by a series of inputs. In the numerical control machine, the programs are inputted via punch cards.  CNC systems offer far more expansive computational capacity. It is not static and newer prompts can be added to pre-existing programs through revised code.


Types of CNC Machines-

CNC Mills – They are capable of running on programs comprised of numbers and letter-based prompts, which guides pieces across various distances. The basic mills consist of a three-axis system (X, Y, and Z) with newer mills accommodated in the three-dimensional axes.


Lathes – In these machines, pieces are cut in a circular direction with indexable tools. The cuts employed by lathes are carried out with precision and high velocity. The lathes are used for making complex designs and the control functions of both the machines are similar.

Plasma Cutters – The material is cut with a plasma torch in plasma cutter. It is applied to metals and can also be employed on other surfaces. It is generated through a combination of compressed-air gas and electrical arcs for speed and necessary heat.

Electric Discharge Machines – It is referred to as die sinking and spark machining. It molds work-pieces into particular shapes with electrical sparks. The current discharge is occurring between two electrodes.

Look at the further tools and components used within CNC systems –

•   Embroidery machines

•   Wood routers

•   Turret punchers

•   Wire-bending machines

•   Foam cutters

•   Laser cutters

•   Cylindrical grinders

•    3D printers

•   Glass cutters

CNC Fabrication Solutions for Every

Both small and large businesses need fabrication solutions companies in China providing the right CNC machines for all budgets, large and small. They come with a large number of customizable options to fulfill the requirements of the company. The machines are manufactured with certified laser calibration equipment. For accurate consistent cutting, heavy steel frames ensure durability and stability. Reach out to the correct manufacturing company which can provide you the best-fabricated machines.

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