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Reasons Laser Cutting is an Ideal Choice for Your Next Sheet Metal Fabrication Project!!

2020-12-25 02:35:50

Today, in many metal fabrication projects, fabricators use the laser cutting technology. Although several methods can be used for cutting metal, laser cutting is one of the most advanced techniques.

Laser cutters can make precise cuts at a speed unrivaled by other flat sheet cutting methods, and that is why most fabricators choose the laser cutting technique. Let's look at some of the other reasons why laser cutting is predominantly used for sheet metal fabrication projects.

1.     Economical Valuing

Just like many other processes, the price associated with laser cutting is determined by machine costs, labor, and operation. Compared to hand-operated machinery, the labor costs are minimal in laser cutting as it is a highly automated process. Also, when compared to other cutting techniques, the operating costs and machine costs are average.

If you are considering the laser cutting option for your metal fabrication project, it is better to outsource it because the laser cutting machines can be quite costly. In addition, you don’t have to worry about die changeover mid-process since a laser won’t get dull or worn. The laser cutting becomes more cost-efficient when you place a larger order, as you can flip a switch and let it run.

Generally, laser cutting is not the cheapest cutting technology out there, but it is reasonably priced for most projects.

2.     Unmatched Speed and Efficiency

A laser cutting machine can move very quickly. Well, the exact speed will vary, depending on the tolerances and complexity of the components. CNC controllers operate the laser cutting. The formulas entered into the machine means each part and product is fabricated identically, leading to fewer defects per batch.

3.     Resourcefulness

Laser cutting is an ideal choice for various size products or projects, and that’s because it combines cost, speed, precision, and automation. It makes many projects and routine tasks simple, including prototypes, industrial orders, delicate designs, and big cutouts.

Lasers can make slots, tabs, holes, and other cut fabrication with no interruptions in the cutting process. The precision allows for tight tolerances on intricately comprehensive designs. If your project does not require tight tolerances, the laser can operate very fast and produce parts at a high speed. This makes laser cutting an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.

4.     Quality Precision

Laser cutting is capable of creating small cuts at tight tolerance. However, the laser will move slowly if you desire more precision. Yet, this ability is unique to laser cutting. So, if you want sophisticated cuts, laser cutting is perhaps the only type of cutting that will get the job done perfectly.

Moreover, all laser-cut edges and curves are sharp, smooth, and clean, meaning there is little to no chance of burring because the laser melts rather than physically cuts the metal.

If your project needs thick sheets of metal, you need to understand that thicker metals impact the quality of the cut, and a laser will leave some melted metal junk behind on thick metals. Apart from this waste, there is almost no clean up involved in the majority of laser cutting projects.

Now, choose a fabricator that can offer laser cutting services for your next sheet metal fabrication project. The professionals should fabricate any order, whether it is prototypes, components, or final assemblies.

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