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Know How Rapid Prototyping Is Advantageous For Product Designers?

2019-02-02 15:52:02

The demand for rapid prototyping services is increasing day by day because rapid prototyping (RP) is an effective way to quickly fabricate a scale model of any physical part. This technology involves 3D printing applications and also other manufacturing methods which rely on CNC controlled machines. These days, other terms are also in trend such as Rapid Tooling (RT) which includes rapid manufacturing of tools and tool inserts and Rapid Manufacturing (RM) which involves rapid production of small series and parts.  Before knowing how RP technology is advantageous for product designers, it is important for new product manufacturers to have a clear understanding of RP. So, let’s take an overview.

Overview of Rapid Prototyping: -

Rapid prototyping, primarily, refers to the generative production methods which are used for fast production of models, patterns and prototypes. Rapid prototyping is used to manufacture parts and test component fit & function. It also helps in getting your product to market faster than your competitors. By using the results of testing and analysis, you can easily make the adjustments in designs, material, dimensions, shape, color, strength and assembly.

In today’s time, a lot of rapid prototyping methods are available for designing teams. Some prototyping processes use traditional manufacturing methods to produce prototypes whereas other technologies use recent methods. Since there are several ways to manufacture prototypes, product designers are constantly trying to determine which method is best for their unique application. To find out which one is good for your prototyping needs, you can also consult esteemed rapid prototyping service provider. The professionals will keenly assess your requirements and preferences and then come up with the best solution for you.

Advantages of Rapid Prototyping: -

Speedy Production:

The biggest advantage of rapid prototyping technology is that you can quickly obtain the model, prototype or tool, whatever you want. The production duration depends on the method selected, size & complexity of the object and also on the quality of 3D digital model you have. Due to faster production speed, models, prototypes and tools can be often used earlier. The printed objects can be utilized for visualization that further helps to reduce flawed designs leading to earlier repair.

Less Wastage of Resources:

Apart from the speedy production, another advantage of rapid prototyping is reduced wastage. Because of the generative construction of the objects, no large amount of waste is produced like in other processes like cutting, grinding, milling or turning. Thereby, the use of rapid prototyping also helps you in saving resources.

Cuts Overall Cost:

As compared to traditional manufacturing methods, RP technology also helps in reduction of cost. You’ll be able to cut the cost because there is less wastage of resources and production is faster which means you need less time. In business, everyone knows that time is associated with the cost.

Therefore, having suitable prototypes and models for designing products accurately and efficiently can be proved by highly beneficial for your organization. So, hire prompt and hassle-free rapid prototyping services from a reputed company today.

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