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Injection Molding: The Three Different Types of Rapid Tooling Used!!

2021-01-28 04:11:20

Today, rapid injection molding in China is on top of the plastic manufacturing industry. That’s because when it comes to the optimum production quality of products, molding companies know that their clients deserve the best.

Rapid tooling system is the creation of plastic injection mold in a shortened timeline. Various rapid prototyping services are responsible for faster production processes, and each one has a different advantage over the other.

Let's look at the different types of rapid tooling used in plastic injection molding. These can assist you in have a top-of-the-line process in a full-scale, high-volume production of plastic components.

1.   3D Printing

3D printing is a flexible type of rapid tooling. And it has been regularly innovated and evolved that led to the process widely used in the industry. The benefits of 3D printing for plastic injection molding are:

·       With 3D printing in plastic, you can create mold rapidly. Depending on the tool’s efficiency, it can produce mold within a few hours.

·       Compared to printing in metal, the molds are more affordable. The cost-effectiveness can help you in adjusting your budget.

·       The machine can create any geometric component virtually.

3D printing technology can be enhanced, which is why it can also be vulnerable to component tolerances. A prototype would be ideal using 3D plastic injection mold because of its reliability in functionality and speed.

2.      Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is any tool that can be built rapidly and includes those molds that are created with traditional methods. This production process can turn a mold into something tangible in a few days to a week. Rapid tooling through machining is widely used because it is what molding companies mastered throughout their time in the industry.

The rapid tooling method is limited in geometry, as you have to cut a cavity of a shape. But you can address this minor issue by burning in the corner that you require through electric discharge machining. If you need a highly complex geometry for your mold, you should definitely consider rapid tooling in traditional machining.

3.      Metal Laser Sintering

Metal laser sintering can be done using different metals, such as stainless steel, titanium, or cobalt chromium. The finished mold made of metal will be better armed to manage the process of heat transfer, pressures, and ejection capabilities.

Sintering is a unique procedure, as it enables you to print in a conformal cooling line that aids the plastic to cool faster. However, compared to rapid prototyping in plastic, sintering can be very costly.

You can explore these three types of rapid tooling and see which one best suits your production needs.

The common types of rapid tooling used in plastic injection molding vary on technology, accuracy, consistency, and size. Whichever one you opt for, a professional manufacturer for rapid prototyping services can help if you want to speed up the molding process. With the advanced technology available, rapid tooling technology will generate higher productivity in molding.

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