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2017-07-19 15:30:43


Ever thought how the prototypes of products are formed for marketing purposes? If you haven't then this article shall be very informative for you. Whenever companies are looking forward to transforming their ideas into great products, they need a small quantity prototype to try their luck with the new idea. They deploy CNC Machining facilities to give effect to their idea and to testify its compatibility with the users. Once the model is approved, they go for the low-volume and mass manufacturing. Almost all companies require prototype, be it keyboards or toys or car models, or plumbing parts, or home appliance prototype, everything is first modeled by Machining in China.

About CNC Machining

CNC, the acronym for Computer Numerical Control, is a technique which converts the design made on computer software such as Auto-CAD into coordinates of a graph. These numerical coordinates guide the cutter about the length, breadth, height/depth of the product. In this way, CNC helps to shape a real life model of the idea. It is widely used to create prototype concept models for parts that require specific production material properties. Many mechanical tools such as cutters, lathe machine, mills, grinders, rollers etc. can be controlled using the computer based coordinates for the best output.

Materials that can be used for CNC Machining

CNC machining is used in manufacturing both metal and plastic parts. It is a robust and cost effective method to create prototype from actual production grade materials of plastic (ABS, PC, PP, POM, PMMA, PBT, Nylon, PEEK, PVC etc.) and metals & alloys (Aluminum, Magnesium, Brass, Copper, Bronze, Mild Steel, Tool Steel, Tungsten and Titanium.)

Working of CNC Machining

Every object is composed of many coordinates. The cutter travels from one coordinate to another, shaping the product until it reaches the last coordinate. The coordinates keep on changing on the computer screen as the cutter keeps on spinning at large speed. As a matter of fact, the cutter moves so fast from one coordinate to another that it is difficult to perceive its working. The sample model of the idea, also known as prototype is ready in just a few minutes.

Advantage of CNC Machining

It is a great technique to make the large scale manufacturers understand what exactly the product looks like, where and what materials are to be used, what colours are desired and what scaling is needed for the final product. This helps to prevent wastage of materials and discarding of final products by the demanding company. Often small parts need a lot of specifications, which are difficult to interpret in simple written format. These prototype models help to reduce the ineffectiveness in communication of what the final product needs.

Thus, the CNC machine works like a robot, acting as per the instructions fed to it. The mechanical devices such as drills, cutters, shapers etc. are tuned with the CNC machine to obtain the desired results. These machines meet high accuracy specifications and provide a great finish. It is very precise and can be used to produce the same model again and again.

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