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Extrusion Prototyping: Best Way to Quickly Create Prototypes in any Volume at Low Cost

2018-12-11 02:38:29

It is crucial to get to know how the products to be launched will do in the market, and which is why prototyping is one of the most crucial parts of the production industry. It is the pre-production test of a product to be launched. As this test is all about getting an idea of how the product idea you have in your mind is going to compete in the market and the cost of the actual productions. So prototyping should not be something expensive.

A prototype can be done in several ways. There are several methods used for prototyping a material including the extrusion prototyping, one of the most widely used methods of shaping a material into the desired shape. It works wonders with a variety of materials including plastic, aluminium, PC, PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA and many more.

The method used to extrude plastic material is called plastic extrusion. This is a manufacturing process in which plastic material is melted and then shaped into continuous profiles, and cut to length. This method works wonders for a wide variety of design ideas where plastic is the main material to be used. However, this works best with PC, PS, PP, ABS, PVC, PMMA, etc.

Advantages of Extrusion Prototyping:

All methods used for prototyping have their own unique advantages. So does extrusion prototyping. The key benefits this method is highly known for are as follows:

•   High production speed

•     Any volume of samples can be created quickly

•     Cost effective, even when you need in very small quantity

•   Option of co-extrusion, so two extruders can be used simultaneously. With co-extrusion, liquid molten plastic is fed from two extruders at different speeds and thicknesses into a single extrusion head

•   Any shapes even most complex ones can be easily created with extrusion prototyping method

However, the result of extrusion prototyping such as quality of the products, cost and so on very much depends on the infrastructure and the way things are carried out. This means the skills and machines used in prototyping are crucial here.

If you, therefore, are looking for extrusion prototyping services, you should count on only those that have long been in the business and serve different types of clients in several areas. A prototyping company that has a good reputation and a large number of repeated customers is trustworthy, and you can go with that company. There are many such companies providing high-quality prototyping services in China. However, you should choose the one who you are completely satisfied and can trust for extrusion prototyping services for you.

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