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CNC Machining- An Overview of the Process and Types of Support Software Used!!

2020-08-07 16:16:10

Computer Numerical Control or CNC machining is a term widely used in manufacturing and industrial applications. Not so old, but the introduction of CNC machining has brought a revolution in the manufacturing process, taking the place of manual control.

It’s pre-programmed computer software that dictates the movement of the factory tools and machinery. The use of CNC machines in the manufacturing units control the range of complex machinery. Besides, the task of three-dimensional cutting is easy to perform just in a single set of commands.

In this post, we will discuss how the CNC machining process works and which software is used for programming the commands.

Stages of the CNC machining process

Designing the CAD Model:

The CNC machining service provider begins the process by creating a 2D vector or 3D solid part CAD design. They use software and produce a model keeping the necessary technical specification in mind. The design of the model depends on the CNC machine tools and material used for manufacturing.

Converting the CAD file to the CNC Program:

Once the design is made, the experts convert it into CNC compatible file format. It’s because the CAD design will run only through a program. The program or the converted file will be used in the digital programming code to control the CNC machine. The codes will help in manipulating the tools and producing a custom-designed part.

Preparing the CNC Machine:

Unlike other pre-established machines, the CNC machine needs to be prepared before operating. The experts prepare the machine by affixing the different parts and pieces directly in the machine or similar work holding devices. Later, they attach the required tools like drill bits to the machine components.

Executing the Machining operation:

After all the above steps are done, the experts start executing the machining operations. The CNC program prepared at the second stage is used as instructions for the CNC machines. The commands dictate the tooling actions and movements and guide the machine throughout the process. The direction helps in the proper execution and production of the products.

Support Software used in CNC Machining Process

CAD or computer-aided design software
- It helps in drafting and designing 2D vector and 3D solid parts, as mentioned in the first stage. The design helps in generating a CAD program in another stage.

CAM or computer-aided manufacturing software
- It is used to extract technical details from the CAD model designed using CAD software. The information helps in generating a machine program for running a CNC machine.

CAE or computer-aided engineering software
- It is not used within the process but plays a vital role other than that in the CNC machining process. It helps the experts in pre-processing, analysing and post-processing phases of the manufacturing. It’s like supportive software for in the process.

So, this was a brief or an overview of the CNC machining process and software used in the same. To know more, connect with an experienced engineer working on this particular process.

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