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Benefits and Technology of Metal 3D Printing

2022-09-23 16:10:26

Metal 3D printing is known as the best technology of 3D printing. The strength and durability of metal make it one of a kind. It is one of the most heavily invested as well as fast-growing technologies in the manufacturing industry. Metal 3D printing holds the most special position in modern product developments. It helps in the direct manufacturing of complex end-use products and aid tooling for conventional manufacturing technologies which reduces costs and time.

Some of its main applications are prototyping, aerospace mechanical engineering, specific tools, etc. Further in this blog, we will be discussing metal 3D printing in detail.

What is metal 3D printing?

Any technology that creates metal objects layer by layer with sintering, melting and welding is known as metal 3D printing. Furthermore, it is an umbrella term used for numerous families of AM technologies.

Advantages that metal 3D printing offers

Machining has been one of the primary manufacturing methods of metal parts. It is believed that CNC machining can do almost all kinds of work. However, the fact is that “almost all kinds” aren’t enough. In some cases, there is a demand for components with highly complex shapes. So here metal 3D printing comes into play. It has no limit when it comes to manufacturing objects with complicated shapes. Some more advantages of metal 3D printing include:

·       3D printers can manufacture complex details much faster than traditional methods of manufacturing.

·       The cost of short runs is less when compared to conventional methods of manufacturing.

·       With 3D printing, even the most precise projects with small details can be created.

·       The parts can be lighters even without sacrificing strength. Which is the most helpful feature for the aerospace industry.

·       3D printing with the metal doesn’t waste material.

3D printing technologies for metal

Direct Metal Laser Steering

Direct Metal Laser Steering or DMLS is the most renowned method of metal 3D printing. It utilizes lasers for sintering metal powder layer by layer, to form an object. The stainless steel reaches the temperature of 3000 °F during the process. Nonetheless, the metal is not completely melted and that makes the parts porous.

Selective Laser Melting

Selective Laser Melting or SLM melts the material. The printing takes place in the inert gas environment. It is mainly used for manufacturing strong parts using titanium and aluminum.

Electron Beam Melting

EBM is similar to SLM however instead of a laser, an electron beam is used to melt the metal. This technology is much faster and more precise than laser-based printing. The parts created with the EBM are stronger than other objects. This technology is mainly used for titanium and cobalt.

All in all

Metal parts that are manufactured with 3D printing methods are considered to have the same strength as regular metal parts. However, it is best to keep it for exceptional cases where other methods don’t work. If you want to know more about metal China 3D printing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts.

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