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5 Tips to Lower the Cost of CNC Prototyping

2022-12-12 23:15:22

Despite all the technological advancements, CNC prototyping costs are still high, which is understandable. After all, it calls for highly trained professionals, specialized tools, and occasionally the usage of pricey alloys. Consideration of prototype manufacturing throughout the design phase will go a long way toward lowering the overall cost of CNC prototyping for the entire project.

In order to lower the cost of CNC prototyping one must understand the factors influencing the final cost when looking for rapid prototyping services for industrial productions. Once you are done with all your research work for custom CNC machining and rapid prototyping, read on to learn these five tips to help you cut lower the cost of CNC prototyping for your project:

Make the right metal selection

Many newcomers don't give the subject much thought. To prevent rust, they either use standard construction steel or choose something trendier like titanium or stainless steel. Both options could be right or wrong. What you need to realize is that the alloy's cost is not what counts in this scenario. For instance, it is preferable to choose aluminum if you need to machine a high volume because you can do so more quickly and save money on additional machining costs.

Another concern is when you go beyond and choose a material that is a grade higher than it should be because you require the material to have a unique characteristic, like the ability to withstand high temperatures. These are the reasons why picking the right material could help you cut costs during the CNC machining and production process.

Add base elements

By including unique surfaces on the part, the setup time can be decreased. You could, for instance, add two taper holes to the faces of a shaft-type part so that you can attach it to the machining centers when you are creating it. Alternatively, if the component is a box-type that needs to be machined, add a surface with drilled openings perpendicular to it.

Avoid complex finishes

If your only option is rapid prototyping, complicated surface finishes in CNC parts are not accepted. The reason for this is that small end mills with spherical tips are typically used to finish complicated surfaces. It must counter the entire surface from one side and has very little stepover. You'll need hours to complete a complex surface if its area is huge.

Avoid deep pockets and thin walls

There is a significant amount of force and friction involved with CNC prototyping. To be able to cut off a steel piece or another alloy, cutting forces must be strong. This force extends beyond the cut. The part itself may be slightly twisted if the cutting specifications are too large. If the part is made of a lot of metal and is rigid, this can be overlooked, but the deeper and thinner the part, the more noticeable the deformation brought on by cutting forces will be. It can be slightly mitigated by lowering the cutting settings, although doing so would lengthen the machining process. The walls of prototype machined items should therefore be thicker.

Instead of one piece, place an order for a small batch

If there is even a remote chance that you may require more than one prototype for testing, ordering a small batch now rather than waiting will save you money in the long run. Instead of having to set up its machine tools twice, the machine shop will just need to do it once.

These are a few quick tips that could significantly lower the CNC machining cost when you hire rapid prototyping services for your industrial projects. Uidea offers high-quality rapid prototyping services for a range of industrial projects with aid of the most advanced technologies at reasonable prices. Contact us for more details and discuss your project requirements.

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