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5 Key Benefits of Rapid Prototyping!!

2020-06-03 02:53:35

For developers, designing a brand-new product comes with many challenges. The engineers or developers are always looking for new ways to overcome these challenges and make their processes more efficient. Rapid prototyping is one of the most agile development techniques and it provides a solution to many of the problems developers face with every project.

What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid prototyping is the process of creating prototypes quickly to visually and functionally evaluate an engineering product design. This term is relatively new.

Prototypes are an integral part of engineering product design and more importantly in an overall new product development process.

Here, we are going to discuss the key benefits of rapid prototyping.

Realise and explore concept faster:

Designers are better able to analyse the appearance, feel and functionality of the product by reducing the time required before exploring and realising concepts. Without rapid prototyping, it is uncertain how successful the product will be until later in the production process.

The rapid production of a prototype not only helps with the production process but also with the relationship between the developers and their customers. A prototype offers a more in-depth insight for the customer, both into how the product will appear and also the time and effort the developers have to put into the product.

Communicate ideas effectively:

A physical model empowers designers to share their concept with colleagues, collaborators and clients to convey ideas in ways not possible by merely visualizing designs on screen. Rapid prototyping in China facilitates the clear, actionable user feedback that is important for developers to understand the user needs and then refine and improve their design.

Make changes early and offer:

Discovering faults and bugs after a lengthy development can frustrate both client and developer. Rapid prototyping reduces the likelihood of these problems.

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing offers the flexibility to create more realistic prototypes quicker and implement changes early in the process. It is even possible for more changes to be made throughout development.

Minimizes design flaw:

In product design and manufacturing, finding and fixing design flaws in early stages can help companies avoid costly design revisions and tooling changes.

Rapid prototyping allows engineers or developers to thoroughly test prototypes that look and perform like final products, and reducing the risks of usability and manufacturability issues before moving into production.

Saves time and cost:

With help of 3D printing, setup and tooling are not necessary; developers can save plenty of time and money. Because the same equipment can be utilised to produce prototypes with different geometries, the costs and time outlay can be kept to a minimum.

From CNC milling and turning to sheet metal fabrication and from vacuum casting to SLA 3D printing, the rapid prototyping in China provides the products you need quickly and efficiently.

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