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What are the Different Types of CNC Machines?

2023-03-18 15:43:48

As soon as your team approves your team's product design, you need to look for a reputed company to make a prototype. While choosing a company for CNC machining, make sure to rely on the one that is the best. With this, you will be able to ensure that you get the best. Moreover, select a supplier that offers multiple types of CNC machines. This will broaden your project options as you won’t need to source different parts from different manufacturers.

If you choose to work with a single CNC machining rapid prototype manufacturer, you can obtain a prototype that embodies every element of your imaginative design. An esteemed supplier of prototypes will carefully choose the most suitable machine for producing CNC machining rapid prototypes that match your specifications. Below are some of the commonly used machines along with a brief description of their respective functions.


This type of CNC machine is designed to drill holes and shape the work material in accordance with predetermined dimensions for length and diameter. In fact, some of the earliest CNC machines were based on this design, enabling users to control the drilling operations manually or through computer programming.


When a lathe is used, cylindrical components are produced by employing different cutting tools. Although decorative legs for a dining room table are a prime example of this process, the applications of a lathe are not limited to furniture production alone. When it comes to CNC rapid prototyping, a lathe can be used to turn and cut almost any type of plastic or metal material to achieve precise dimensions and the desired shape.


When it comes to CNC rapid prototyping services, businesses usually opt for a router if they only require shapes and design features along the perimeter of a flat part. A router functions by utilizing a rotating cutting bit that remains fixed in place, enabling it to cut shapes into sheet materials.


When people think of CNC machines, the first thing that comes to mind is often a mill. A CNC machining rapid prototype manufacturer will likely have at least one of these machines. The mill is an incredibly versatile tool, capable of creating the external shape of a part as well as producing holes, grooves, pockets, and other features using various cutting tools. This versatility is due to the platform holding the part being movable, and the cutting tools being able to operate in multiple orientations, allowing for milling in three, four, and even five axes (cutting directions). This ability to mill in multiple directions permits the fabrication of even the most complex geometries, such as engine blocks and throttle bodies, with minimal downtime required for repositioning the part.

With this, we are ending this post right here. If you have any more doubts or concerns about CNC Prototype, feel free to get in touch with the experts.

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