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Ways a Well-Established d Partner Can Save Your Money!!

2020-10-16 14:35:05

With the new metal fabrication project comes several challenges, planning, crucial decisions and efficiencies to strive for. Considering many factors, you might struggle to stretch the budget for your next sheet metal fabrication project. It is expensive, between the cost of tooling, labor and sheet metal. There is also a lot of pressure to keep the return on investment high and the costs down.

The solution to decreasing the metal fabrication costs while retaining a high-quality product could be the metal fabricator you choose. There are ways your sheet metal fabricator can lower your costs, contribute to sales growth, enhance profit margin and maximize your cash flow. When choosing the metal fabrication partner, consider these four factorized.

1.      Engineering Services:

You can choose a sheet metal fabrication partner who offers in-house design services. Make sure the engineers have specialized skills and experience specific to the fabrication process you select. They can help you maximize your design through material choices and in-line processing recommendations which you may not be fully aware of. This added perspective could help reduce your material, production and shipping costs.

2.      Fabrication Techniques:

Saving money with a metal fabrication partner also depends on the process you opt for. If you are stuck with the same fabrication technique, it is better to discuss the alternatives with a fabricator. For instance, press braking is commonly used for low volume metal fabrication because press brakes can produce parts efficiently at a low cost.  Otherwise, the different technique would have cost thousands of dollars of worth of tooling to complete.

If you’re new to press braking or looking for ways to save money on your design without compromising quality, contact a sheet metal fabrication company in China.

3.      Tooling Cost Amortization:

Although your strategy for balancing tooling cost may be to rent tooling, consider a metal fabrication partner who offers cost amortization. It allows you to disperse your costs over months or quarters and can extend production runs. In addition, this tooling can be utilized for future projects.

4.      Mill-direct Savings:

Some metal fabrication partners will buy mill-direct supplies to negotiate material costs on your behalf. These fabricators can negotiate better prices, and also better products. You can benefit without having to do the heavy lifting because of their relationship and experience with these mills. If the metal fabricator buys mill-direct, it also means they have the means to buy, ship, store, and process the steel.

The Bottom Line

The most essential element to keep costs down and ROI high is to align with a strategic metal fabrication partner who can help you make the most of your decision.

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