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Vacuum Casting: Process and Benefits!

2019-03-19 04:02:53

The 3D printing industry is continually evolving owing to the technological changes that keep taking place. Vacuum casting is one such addition to the latest printing methodologies. There are many organizations which offer vacuum casting services to their clients these days. Not to say this, vacuum casting services have gained much popularity in recent times because of their various benefits. Read on to know more about this process and its benefits.

The Process of Vacuum Casting -

Vacuum casting is an innovative method of developing prototypes of the required industrial parts. Firstly, a master model of superior quality is needed to create further prototypes of the same kind. This master model is generated using stereolithography. Utmost importance is given to maintain the high quality of the master model. It must have no discrepancies so that the prototypes which are made using it are also of high quality. The mold is to be kept in a nutshell composed of silicon rubber which is further treated at a high temperature. Post this; a master mold is created which is hollow from within. The mold is filled with a liquid material to achieve a similar shape as that of the master mold by the use of a vacuum chamber. Typically, polyethylene, polycarbonate, and other similar polyurethane resins are used as filling materials for the prototyping applications. Additionally, the metallic powder is combined with the filled resin in order to get the desired properties. The mold is to be covered inside the chamber in order to ensure that no bubbles remain or get developed. After this, the mold is kept in an oven. One done, the mold is taken out and used to create more similar parts. This prototype is then painted as per the requirement and the output is deemed fit for the use by customers. Now, this is about the process but you might still be wondering how vacuum casting services will be beneficial for your industrial products.   

Benefits of Vacuum Casting Services -

Superior Quality - Vacuum casting services are highly beneficial in selecting the correct material for designing the required parts based on their hardness. This becomes possible due to the use of polyurethane resins in the process- it provides flexibility and sturdiness to the material. The finished output may either be painted as per the requirement or it may remain unpainted.

High Accuracy - The mold that is used to produce the prototype produces the desired parts exactly the same as the original one. Vacuum casting ensures that even the most complex parts with typical specifications get produced with high precision.

Cost-effective and Timely Delivery - With the use of vacuum casting process, more number of prototypes can be created and that too in a much lesser amount of time. One round of process can easily produce about forty to sixty prototype parts within a time span of fifteen days. Thus, you can stay tension-free as far as meeting the deadlines is concerned.   

This is all about the process and a few of its benefits. Vacuum casting services are changing the manufacturing industry because of their phenomenal advantages. But make sure you find a reliable service provider, only then will you be assured of getting all the aforementioned and more benefits.   

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