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Six Mistakes to Avoid When Requesting for Sheet Metal Fabrication Project’ Estimates!!

2021-03-29 15:23:00

When you are looking for sheet metal fabrication companies in China, you must start with obtaining the most precise estimate. Stepping up into the market with unclear plans and not enough questions (and their answers) can lead you to many pitfalls. So, no matter if you are hiring a fabricator for manufacturing small precision parts or sheet metal cases, make sure that you avoid the following six mistakes.

1.    Not providing accurate drawings or prints

The most common and grave mistake with potential for serious ramifications is not providing accurate drawings or prints of the desired sheet metal fabricated part.

You must start with finalized and complete accurate drawings or prints to get the most precise fabrication estimate. It is not ideal to make changes and additions later in the project. It will not only result in higher costs but also take a longer time to complete the project. So, think clear right from the start.

If you don’t have them, then work with an engineer or designer first to finalize what you want through the metal fabrication process before seeking estimates.

2.    Not paying heed to compliance

Most sheet metal fabrication companies work by following common codes and inspection standards. However, if you go ahead with estimates making wrong assumptions about codes and standards that your project needs to comply with, you might face serious issues down the road.

So, make sure that the fabrication team understands:

·       The codes and standards that you must adhere to during production

·       What the fabrication team needs to do to meet those compliance requirements

·       What is needed to clear the inspection stage with the final product

So, check the latest compliance procedures for your project and discuss them with your fabricator.

3.    Not considering the material issues

There are lots of issues that can be faced due to materials to be used in the fabrication project. When you don’t address these issues, it leads to major differences in the estimates. Thus, have a meeting with the metal fabrication company and discuss the size, weight, and volume of materials required to make the fabricated parts.

Talk about all those things that need to be sourced by you or the fabricator. If you are not providing items required for your fabrication project, then give sufficient time to the fabricator to source and obtain the additional items so that these things are also factored into pricing estimates.

4.    Not discussing the finish

Many sheet metal fabrication projects have demands for a specific finish which is not often factored in a generic estimate. So, make it clear in the beginning what finish you want for your fabricated items. Is it paint, epoxy, or polish? Or do you want special coatings?

5.    Providing vague timelines

You must have a clear idea of how long your project will take from start to finish and how long you can wait to begin or receive the final fabricated products. Also, consider other things, such as holidays and events that might affect the fabrication schedule. Rushing for tight timelines may mean the project will cost you a lot more than it should and can also create the potential for major problems.

6.    Not communicating the delivery mode

Make it clear where you need the consignment of fabricated products to be delivered and how the consignment will be delivered. Will the fabrication company handle the

delivery? If it is not, then figure out who will take care of the delivery and how much expense it will incur.

Plan carefully while asking for quotations and avoid all the above mistakes. In the end, you will be able to get the most accurate estimates for your  sheet metal fabrication project.

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