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Key Benefits of Extrusion Prototyping in Design!!

2019-07-31 18:36:52

Prototyping is the method used for fleshing out design ideas, testing assumptions, and gathering real-time feedback from users. There are a number of things that can be done before the actual production, and these can help in understanding how the final products will fare in the market and cater to the needs of users.

Extrusion is a method of prototyping, which can be used to prototype aluminum as well as plastic called plastic extrusion prototyping. It can be used for all types of plastic materials such as PVC. A mix of rubber and silicon can used for other materials such as PC、PS、PP、ABS, PVC, and PMMA and so on, depending on your capability or if you choose extrusion prototyping services, the ability of  the service provider.

What is plastic Extrusion Prototyping?

Plastic extrusion is a method of a continuous profile, using plastic.  It produces the profiles in high volume as well as low, depending on various factors, including the ability of extrusion prototyping services you choose.

Using the heat, plastic is formed into the desired shape. Plastic extrusion is used to make a wide number of items ranging from piping/tubing, weather stripping, deck railings, wire insulation, fencing, plastic films and sheeting, to thermoplastic coatings.

More interestingly, despite the fact that is has been around for years, the plastic extrusion is still evolving. There are always new methods, technologies, and materials to be used for prototyping.

Benefits of Extrusion Prototyping:

Since it is used to make from the simplest toys to the most advanced medical products, plastic extrusion can be viable for companies of all sizes. There are a number of benefits. Here are key benefits of using extrusion prototyping.

High Speed, High Volume Production at Low Cost:

With many production capabilities of plastic extrusion, it can be used to manufacture a high volume of parts both quickly and inexpensively. It also reduces tooling costs and the cost of multiple machining centers. However, if you hire the extrusion prototyping services, this will also depend on the capability of your prototyping company.


Unlike other forming technologies, the plastic extrusion provides the option of co-extrusion, which involves two (or more) extruders. This means liquid molten plastic can be fed from two extruders at different speeds and thicknesses into a single extrusion head to form the materials into the required shape.

Moreover, co-extrusion allows the incorporation of different plastic materials and compounds into a single product. This helps meet various functional requirements – be it UV treatment or glow-in-the-dark polymers.

Inherent Versatility:

As a process, plastic extrusion is incredibly versatile. This has the capability to create products with complex shapes, regardless of thickness, hardness, size, color, and texture. All you need to choose is find the right extrusion prototyping services .

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