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All About Extrusion Prototyping: Some Major Benefits It Offers!!

2020-02-13 17:04:51

Extrusion prototyping is basically used in production industries where the lengths of a cross-section are majorly required. It is an incredibly economical prototyping method of manufacturing even when there is a need for some post-machining fixing joints, such as access panels as well as threads. Though this method involves some kind of tooling, the process is not the same as mould or injection tooling that is significantly cheaper and faster to manufacture. As a very preferred method, extrusion prototyping is mainly used with aluminum and plastic so as to produce elements such as window frames, pipes, conduits, and so on.

Extrusions are mainly the small parts that have a varying cross-sectional nature. However, before just manufacturing large parts of extrusions, it is significant to create prototypes so that any errors or fixes can be made easily prior to producing the final product. Hence, this is the reason why manufacturers need extrusion prototyping- it helps to prevent all possible defects and mistakes, thereby, reducing the overall cost of the production.  

Some major benefits of extrusion prototyping:

From the simplest elements to the most advanced products, extrusion prototyping can be significant for businesses of all sizes due to the benefits that it offers.

The following are some of the major advantages that it offers:

Extrusion prototyping has high volume, high speed and enables the production of elements at low cost:

The many production advantages of extrusion prototyping allow companies to manufacture a high volume of parts economically and quickly. Also, when combined with multiple machining centers and tooling costs, professional extrusion prototyping services are capable of offering an even higher degree of manufacturing speed and cost-efficiency.

This process is versatile:

As a process, extrusion prototyping is very versatile as it enables manufacturers to design and create products with challenging shapes, hardness, size, thickness, texture, color and so on.

It has an option of co-extrusion:

Unlike other manufacturing technologies, extrusion prototyping has the option of co-extrusion that primarily involves two or even more extruders. With this accessibility, however, the liquid plastic is fed from two or more extruders at varying thicknesses and speeds into one single extrusion head. Furthermore, this process forms the materials into the required shape and size.

An important point to keep in mind:

You must always remember that there are several factors that affect the overall cost of the extrusion prototyping. This includes wall thickness, shape, tolerances of the elements, and so on. So, if you need any help or suggestion regarding your product design, you should straightaway consult a professional extrusion prototyping service provider and discuss your needs with the experts.

Discussing your potential needs and preferences and receiving a quote for your specific project from an expert will potentially help to prevent any possible error within your product design. It will also help to lower down the cost of your overall extrusion process by knowing what all could be transformed to make the product more economical and efficient.

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