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CNC Machined Titanium Alloy Parts

CNC Milling & CNC Turning for Prototyping & Low-volume Production


Aluminum: AL6061-T6, AL6063, AL6082, AL7075-T6, AL5052, etc.
Steel: SUS301, SUS304, SUS303, SU316L, SUS440C, S355ML, S420ML, P20, SKD11, SKD61, SKH9, SKH51, S45C, etc.
Other Metal: Titanium, Brass, Copper, Magnesium, Nickel, etc.

Plastic: ABS, PP, PC, Nylon, PMMA, PEEK, Nylon+ 30%GF, Acetal (POM), PE, UHMWPE, PET, PTFE (Teflon), etc.

Surface Finish: As machined (around Ra3.2μm), Smooth (around Ra1.6μm), Polishing (around Ra0.8μm), Mirror Polishing (aroundRa0.5μm), Beadblasting, Power Coating, Type II Anodizing, Type III Anodizing (Hard), Heat Treatment, PVD Coating, Plating, Silk Screen, Pad Printing, etc.

1, Capable of machining parts with very tight tolerance and very complex geometry.
2, Solid experience in machining seldom used metal materials like titanium, magnesium or nickel, etc.
3, High quality assurance

Fast Turnaround, On-time Delivery, High precision, High quality

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Detailed Description

CNC Machined Titanium Alloy Parts

Product name: CNC Machined Titanium Alloy Parts

Material: Titanium Alloy

Surface treatment: Sanding to smooth

Tolerance: +/-0.1mm to +/-0.01mm

Machining equipment: CNC turning machine

MOQ: 1 pc

Lead time: 5-10 days

Application: Machinery, aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, construction

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